Terms & Conditions of Sale

***Stock availability***

Stock availability is shown on each item page when placing an order. However, REHABZONE reserves all rights to amend the order if item is unavailable for any reason. REHABZONE will contact customer for amendment(s) and advise estimated delay.


***Acceptance of order***

REHABZONE only accepts customer’s order upon full payment made, unless special condition(s) granted by REHABZONE.
The order status or receipt of an e-mail order with “Awaiting for payment” does not constitute our acceptance or confirmation of the order .
• Full payment should be made within 3 working days, else order will be subjected to cancellation.
• REHABZONE reserves all rights to limit and/or amend any order, items, promotions, cancellations to any customer. Refund of order will be made based on REHABZONE “Terms & Conditions of Refund”.
The order status or the receipt of an e-mail order with “Processing” means our acceptance of your order and prepare item(s) for delivery. No order cancellation from this point and onwards.


***Cancellation of order***

No Full or Partial cancellation of order, once REHABZONE has accepted customer’s order and of which full payment has proceeded.
Any cancellation of order has to be approved by REHABZONE. In the case of a cancellation that requires refund, it will be subjected to REHABZONE “Terms & Conditions of Refund“.


***Product Warranty / Return & Replacement***

All items sold via REHABZONE are covered by a 6-month (beginnning from the date of delivery) limited warranty for functional defects. This excludes damage from:

  • Wear and tear
  • Accidental damage
  • Misuse, abuse, or failure to follow usage instructions
  • Unauthorised modification/repair
  • Improper storage
  • Appearance that deviates from catalogue, etc.


Submit your claim to info@REHABZONE.com.sg and all claim item(s) has to be sent to or dropped off with REHABZONE for examination and assessment.
REHABZONE reserves all rights not to warrant any unfulfilled or unreasonable claim(s) by any customer(s).

For Successful Claim, a new replacement item/part will be returned to customer.
For Unsuccessful claim , the claim item will be returned to customer.

Manufacturer’s Warranty
For item(s) with warranty offered by the manufacturer, customer shall contact the manufacturer directly for product warranty. Customer may contact REHABZONE for assistance.


Terms & Conditions of Payment

***Payment Agent(s)***

REHABZONE engages trusted Payment agent(s) i.e. PayPal or Local Banks. REHABZONE will not be liable of any fault or loss during the payment process.


***Acknowledgement of Payment***

REHABZONE will acknowledge each successful payment received via email notification and/or updating order status on REHABZONE with Order Reference Number.


***Unfulfilled or partial payment***

REHABZONE will not ship out any order with unfulfilled or partial payment. REHABZONE will cancel the order if no full payment is received within 3 working days. Any cancellation that requires refund will subjected to REHABZONE ‘s “Terms & Conditions of Refund“.



Terms & Conditions of Delivery

***Delivery lead-time***

REHABZONE engages trusted THIRD PARTY delivery agent(s) with Tracking System provided by the delivery agent(s). REHABZONE does not guarantee the exact date of delivery. Delivery lead-time is subjected to delivery agent and customer availability to receive. No refund or compensation will be made due to delivery delay by REHABZONE. Customer may contact us to get latest status of delivery.


***Un-delivered Items***

REHABZONE will not be liable of any loss of the delivery.
If ORDERS are undelivered , it will be returned to REHABZONE by the delivery agent(s), and REHABZONE will contact customer and arrange for re-delivery.

Customer will be charged for the re-delivery if deemed to be customer’s mistake. e.g. Wrong shipping address; Not available to receipt delivery within a reasonable period of time.

REHABZONE will re-deliver the order if found mistake incurred by REHABZONE, no extra fee is chargeable to the Customer but there will be no compensation on the delayed delivery.


***Damage During Delivery***

REHABZONE is pledged to provide utmost customers’ trust and satisfaction. All items will be inspected and securely packed before shipping.
REHABZONE engages trusted delivery agent(s), item(s) begin damaged during delivery shall be minimal. However, in event of such damaged cases, customer shall report to info@rehabzone.com.sg within 24hrs upon received of item(s). REHABZONE will assess the damage based on case to case basis for possible “Replacement”. To assist our assessment, customer shall provide image(s) or video of damaged item(s) and packaging.


Terms & Conditions of Refund

***Approval of Refund***

REHABZONE will process, subjected to approval, each refund of payment on a case to case basis.

Only valid reasons for refunds will be accepted. These include (but not limited to): product out of stock, manufacturing defect or premature failure of product. Customers are encouraged to claim for warranty (if applicable).

Change-of-mind is not considered a valid reason for refund.


***Refund Fee***

Refund is subjected to :

(1) administration fee of S$20 (flat fee) or 10% of the order whichever higher ;

(2) Payment agent fee incurred e.g. PAYPAL , NETS;

(3) Delivery fee incurred;

to be borne by customer in event of cancellation or refund.



Further Questions? Contact Us at info@rehabzone.com.sg