Step 1: Plug the power supply into an electrical outlet and then into the Normatec 3 device.

This device is equipped with a lithium ion battery. The battery automatically charges when the power supply is connected to the Normatec 3 device and an electrical outlet.

Step 2: Connect the hose connector to the air outlet on the Normatec 3 device. The connector can only be inserted in the correct orientation. Insert the connector firmly into the Normatec 3 device until you hear an audible “click.”

Step 3: Put the leg, arm, or hip attachments on. Find a comfortable position sitting, reclined, or lying down. If the attachments have a zipper, be sure to zip up the attachments completely. Never try to use the system with the zipper partially or totally unzipped—this could void your warranty. Only one set of attachments can be used with a single device. When using more than one attachment, make sure they are both of the same type.

Step 4: Connect the attachment connectors on each attachment to the junction box air outlets. The attachment connectors can only be connected to the junction box in the correct orientation. Insert the attachment connectors firmly into the junction box air outlets until you hear an audible “click.”

If only one attachment will be connected to the junction box, use the blocking plug located on the underside of the junction box to block off the unused junction box air outlet. Press firmly to make sure the blocking plug is fully seated.

Step 5: Press the power button on the Normatec 3 device firmly for one second to turn on the system. While the device is on, the LED lights on the face of the unit will come on. The number of lights at the top will indicate your battery level.

Step 6: Select your desired settings, and press the Start/Stop button to being compression. Settings can be adjusted A session can be adjusted or ended at any time by pressing this button again.