Hypervolt Trade-In Offer

If you’ve been eyeing a brand new Hypervolt or Hypervolt Plus now’s the time to upgrade from your old device!

We know that many of our customers are still using and enjoying their 1st Gen Hypervolt but want to use some of the updated Gen 2 features like the extra Cushion attachment or the Pressure Sensor. Others may have encountered some wear-and-tear issues like a slightly noisier motor, or have damaged their devices out of our warranty period.

For the month of October, we are accepting trade-ins for all Hypervolt models for a 15% discount on a new Hypervolt or Hypervolt Plus unit. Simply contact us to inform when you’re heading down to our showroom and we’ll handle it!

Terms and Conditions

1. Trade-in unit must only be Hypervolt Percussion Massage Device (all generations) or Hypervolt Plus Percussion Massage Device.

2. 15% discount valid only for Hypervolt Percussion Massage Device and Hypervolt Plus Percussion Massage Device.

3. Trade-in offer ends on 31st October 2020.

Contact us via Whatsapp at 8877 7954, via email at info@rehabzone.com.sg, or via the Contact Form below for more information!


  1. Let us know when you’ll be stopping by our showroom to do the trade-in either via WhatsApp at 88777954, via email at info@rehabzone.com.sg, or via the Contact Form below.
  2. Bring down your device including charger and attachments. Once we have received and verified your unit, we’ll provide the 15% discount on your new device.
  3. You can either get the 15% discount for an on-the-spot purchase or in the form of a discount code if ordering online.
  4. Enjoy your new Hypervolt/Hypervolt Plus!

No that is not strictly required.

If you would like to do the trade-in remotely, do arrange to have your unit sent over to us during our showroom opening hours. Once verified, we will provide a 15% off discount code for you to place an order for your new Hypervolt/Hypervolt Plus unit.  We will provide free delivery (up to 3-5 working days).

Yes, your unit need not have been purchased from us. We accept all authentic Hypervolt devices.

You will need to include the device with battery, charger, and all attachments included. Only authentic Hypervolt/Hypervolt Plus devices will be accepted.


Hypervolt Plus

Do note that these models do not come with Bluetooth.

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