COVID-19 Update. Read on for more information.

About Premax Performance Skincare

Premax is synonymous with high performance in sport. It’s a unique association being a skincare company, however Premax keeps striving to find the right balance between skin science and athlete performance, and Randall is proud to be known as the trailblazer.

Since starting Premax in 2006, founder and sports physiotherapist Randall Cooper has been on a continual quest to change the game in sports skincare, developing products that are effective and a great skin experience. Working closely with multiple suppliers, chemical engineers, sports medicine specialists & elite athletes across multiple sports Randall keeps Premax at the forefront with innovative products that continually meets the expectations and needs of active individuals.

Being the leader in superior sports skincare, we strive to find the right balance between skin science and athlete performance so that we are always at the forefront, enabling athletes to perform at their best.

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COVID-19 Announcement


As part of Phase 2 reopening measures post-Circuit Breaker, Rehabzone SportsMed will be implementing Safe Management Measures as required upon reopening on 19th June 2020. These include:


1. Occupancy Limit


-Occupancy limit of 8 visitors and a maximum group size of 5 at a single point in time will be imposed.


-Additional visitors will have to queue outside the showroom at marked areas until they are allowed inside.


2. SafeEntry Scan


-Please scan the SafeEntry QR code for contact tracing purposes. Staff will be available to assist if necessary.


3. Temperature Check


-Temperature checks will be conducted at showroom entrance.


-Visitors who have temperature readings above 37.5˚C will be checked again. No entry for visitors with successive temperature readings of
above 37.5˚C.


4. Cleanliness and Hygiene


-Masks to be worn at all times.


-Hand sanitiser will be available for use at showroom entrance. Please sanitise your hands when entering and exiting the showroom.


-Hand soap will also be available at showroom washroom.


-Please seek staff assistance for help with product testing or demo.


5. Safe Distancing


-Please maintain a distance of at least 1 meter between individuals/groups when inside the showroom.



In the meantime, let us all do our part to limit the spread of Covid-19 like practicing safe distancing and maintaining good hygiene. Stay safe, stay positive, and we will get over this!


Rehabzone Sportsmed