Rehabzone Local (Singapore) Warranty Policy

1. Customer must have registered using the form below to claim warranty. Warranty claim may be rejected if this is not done.

2. A one-to-one replacement of the defective product part will be provided at Rehabzone’s location at 6 Ubi Road 1, #01-11, Wintech Centre, Singapore 408726. Please provide registered Name, Email or Warranty Card Serial Number when claiming warranty.

3. Warranty claim will not be accepted if product has been found to be tampered with, or damage is due to mishandling or wear and tear.

4. Warranty coverage is only provided for products purchased from Rehabzone and/or our partners. You can verify this if you have a Warranty Card with the Rehabzone logo on it.

One Year Coverage:

Two Year Coverage:

Note: Do not register if your product does not include a Warranty Card with the Rehabzone logo