BlazePod is the first Flash Reflex training system for everyone, offering pods with sensors, connectivity and embedded lighting that directs users’ workouts. When each pod lights up, it prompts the user to move. The pods are designed to flawlessly integrate into exercises, pushing users to work on their reaction time and reflexes, as well as agility, speed, balance, and stamina.

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Training Excellence

The Pods’ lights flash in different colors, speeds, sequences, and frequencies, challenging the mind to be more accurate and driving the body to be faster. And you can train anywhere!

  • Wireless
  • Splash-proof
  • 10 hours of battery life
  • LED lights, 8 bright color options
BP The Ultimate Experience

The ultimate experience

Flash Reflex Training™ combines cognitive training that teaches the brain to think better, with physical training that pushes speed to the max, delivering the training experience that keeps users coming back..

Unprecendented performance

Download the app from any store to any device and connect to Pods automatically.

Access hundreds of predefined drills & exercises, access analytics, track performance to the millisecond, and achieve performance goals.

  • Stopwatch
  • Accurate
  • Analytics
  • Sharing
  • Saving

BlazePod Kits

BlazePod Kits come in 4-Pod and 6-Pod variations. Choose the 4-Pod Standard Kit for more basic use or the 6-Pod Trainer Kit to unlock more challenging activities, challenges, and competitions. Note: Does not include functional adapters for mounting on vertical posts/glass surfaces.

BlazePod Accessories

BlazePod Pro Plan Membership