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BlazePod is the first Flash Reflex training system for everyone, offering pods with sensors, connectivity and embedded lighting that directs users’ workouts. When each pod lights up, it prompts the user to move. The pods are designed to flawlessly integrate into exercises, pushing users to work on their reaction time and reflexes, as well as agility, speed, balance, and stamina.

BlazePod Activities

A selection of predefined activities for each sports & fitness goal.Easy-to-follow instructions and demo videos.

Custom Activities

Simply customize and control every aspect of your activity: the visual cues, stations, players, light colors and more.

Track & Analyse

The BlazePod App tracks and analyzes results for you. You are free to focus on the activity, the athlete and what needs working on to be better and faster.

BlazePod Kits

BlazePod Kits come in 4-Pod and 6-Pod variations. Choose the 4-Pod Standard Kit for more basic use or the 6-Pod Trainer Kit to unlock more challenging activities, challenges, and competitions. Note: Does not include functional adapters for mounting on vertical posts/glass surfaces.

BlazePod Bundles

BlazePod Bundles come with functional adapter accessories like straps for strapping on posts and other elevated points while the suction cups allow for mounting pods on mirrors or windows for greater variability in activity design.